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Sumter Landing Bicycle Club

Safe, Healthy, Fun Cycling in The Villages, Florida

Florida Bicycle Association's 2016 Bike Club of the Year!   ~   #1 Ranked Cycling Club in 2017 per!

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Bud has been handcrafting these mirrors for a decade! His Classic style helmet mirrors are a tried and true design, and are light weight and stable. Once adjusted, they tend to stay adjusted.

Testers and customers have ridden tens of thousands of miles wearing them on their helmets. They are handmade, primarily of recycled bicycle spokes and aluminum cans for superior light weight and eco-friendliness. People who have used the commonly available plastic mirrors have called Bud's mirrors magic because they really work.

There are two sizes of the mirrors available, a round and an oval. Members in the SLBC club that are using Bud's mirrors favor the oval model because of the larger field of view that it offers. On Bud's web site, he calls the oval mirror the 'widescreen' model.

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    Name Tags

SLBC name tag with magnetic holder.

NOTE: Should not be used by people with pacemakers.